Electric hydrofoil surfboard rental, rent LIFT efoil in Cannes

foil electrique en location à cannes

eFoil Côte d’Azur offers you to try the latest water sport innovation!.

We are among the first in France to offer you this amazing activity!
Discover this dual sensation of gliding and flying, unique in its kind with the leading brand on the market: LIFT FOIL.
The electric hydrofoil that we offer is the fastest and the most efficient that exists: sail up to 40 km / h out of the water!
Thanks to its 100% electric motor and the carbon design surfboard, fly silently and lightly over Mediterranean waters, in an idyllic setting.

Unique in France The latest innovation The Rolls Royce of foils

A water sport for everyone !

The LIFT electric foil is the best brand on the market, far surpassing its competitors in terms of lightness, maneuverability and sailing speed.
It was designed for EVERYONE: from beginners looking for a fun and entertaining experience, to great athletes looking for thrills.
Getting started is quick and easy. The piloting is carried out thanks to a simple joystick which one keeps in hand. Thanks to our advice, you will get to experience thrills from your first session!

Accessible to beginners Quick start Sensation guaranteed!

enfants et retraités apprenent le foil électrique dans le 06
Lift hydrofoil to test in cannes

A 100% silent electric hydrofoil

The eFoil LIFT is fully electric, it emits no emissions or noise!
In addition to being respectful of the marine environment which is so dear to us, it also guarantees incredible sensations!
Fly on the water without a sound, neither that of an engine, nor that of the resistance to the water when you have managed to get out above the water! Be completely free to move around, a unique sensation that cannot be found in any water sport!

100% silent Environmentally friendly No pollution!

Our playground!